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    Standalone Listener Error


      Yesterday I installed 10g Express and the latest Apex and Listener releases. I'm trying to get a basic setup working so I can prototype a new application, and all was working fine.

      This morning, I can start up the standalone listener just fine using the same command as yesterday:

      java -Dapex.port=8585 -jar c:\oraclexe\apexlis\apex.war

      It initializes and comes back with (after other initialization messages) an encouraging:

      INFO: http://localhost:8585/apex started.

      When I point my Firefox browser to http://localhost:8585/apex, I get "Internal Error" in the browser and a java exception in the command window:

      Mar 23, 2011 12:07:19 PM com.sun.grizzly.http.servlet.ServletAdapter doService
      SEVERE: service exception:
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Request path not in servlet context.
      << java stack trace >>

      Any suggestions or guidance would be much appreciated.