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    Error in documentation for 10g Rel 2 (out-of-line foreign keys)

      Hi Team,

      Please find the customer's comment as below:

      "The out-of-line foreign keys documentation at Oracle® Database SQL Reference
      10g Release 2 (10.2)
      Part Number B14200-02
      (no page number, but is headed 'constraint')
      There is no comma specified as being allowed so that more than one column can be listed at a time in the diagram:
      Description of references_clause.gif follows
      Description of the illustration references_clause.gif
      but it seems to work. Indeed it says in the worded part:
      "The corresponding column or columns of the foreign key and the referenced key must match in order and datatype." Note the reference to "columns".

      Then, when I asked the customer where did he see that, he updated as below:

      " Hi, Unfortunatley I didn't save a copy of the message I sent, so I'm not sure what else to add.

      I found my way to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/documentation/index.html

      From where I went to


      from where I downloaded the library which gave me a zipped file 'B19306_01' which in turn gave me an file 'index.htm' and at address


      within this

      is a diagram for the out_of_line_constraint:


      Regarding the FOREIGN KEY section there is no comma indicated as being allowed whereas in the text and in a previous diagram, more than one column is shown as allowed for a FOREIGN KEY:


      Hope this helps. It seems these messages don't allow transmission of diagrams like a normal email would. "

      I'm wondering if someone can kindly look into this issue to see if you can fix the issue?

      Thank you very much in advance!
      Email: cherry.wang@oracle.com
      Oracle Global Customer HUB