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    Maximum length of member name in mapping

      Hi Experts,
      I am trying to migrate live data from Essbase to HFM version using FDM. Maximum length of the member name of source accounts in Essbase that I have to load is upto 74 characters. What is the maximum permitted length of member names in FDM to be used in mappings?

      I was able to load the mappings that I have created into FDM using a map loader but after the map import whenever I click on any item in the map area, a page displays saying 'Application error'. When I delete all the maps, the error goes away so I guess its some issue with the length of the source account member.

      I checked the IIS logs and in the maps log I found a line saying the length of source accounts has exceeded the limit. Any suggestions about what I am trying to achieve can be done? I can not tweak anything at the Essbase side as its a live application. Please suggest.

      Thanks & Regards!