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    Question about Metadata Mappings in ERPI

      I have registered my source and target systems, initialzed, setup import formats and locations.

      I am now at the metadata mapping part. Now I want to do the following:

      - Each dimension in planning is currently populated with all its members, which were loaded using outline load utility. I want to overwrite these hierarchies with the hierarchies from the GL.

      How do I do that? Will ERPI automatically overwrite those existing members? Also can someone explain what this paragraph from the user guide means:

      "When you perform the next steps to define the hierarchy region starting parent, keep in mind that Planning, Essbase, and Financial Management do not allow members to roll up to the parent under the same root. When extracting, you should specify hierarchies where every node has only one parent. E-Business Suite supports instances where a segment value can rollup to two different parents. "