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    J2ME table problem with W tool kit

      Ok,i am php coder trying to get started with j2me

      First week of j2me was very good but

      i have been trying to make a work schedule table in j2me from last 3 days
      have not been successful

      i am using jcreator for file editing and sun wireless toolkit 2.5.2 to emulate

      i try running this code it
      java.lang.IllegalAccessException at com.sun.midp.midlet.MIDletState.createMIDlet(+34) at com.sun.midp.midlet.Selector.run(+22)
      error in sun wireless toolkit


      when i try this

      it is built but when i run it gives ERROR
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: TestMidlet

      i have name it TestMidlet
      it has folders test and table inside src and classes are present in classes folder aftering build

      It works fine in real mobile though

      What i am trying to do is create a table in j2me from last 3 days.Can any body help
      or can somebody provide me simple table example that works...