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        Amatu Allah Neveen Ebrahim
        Hi semsem

        i think if u want to get more answers u have to mark Correct & Helpfull answers to people tried to help u.
        as Craig said

        If someone's response is helpful or correct, please mark it accordingly.


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          hi sarah
          i think that u said before that if you have oracle developer 10.1.0
          you do not have to configure the webutil it is already configured
          is that right ?
          i am using 10.2.0
          • 17. Re: open file
            Sarah QA

            yup right but little bit changes u have to do.
            webutil is already installed in that version.

            • 18. Re: open file
              hi sarah again
              i know that it is installed already
              but the configuration
              am i have to do any of them
              the (default.env) file am i have to open it and modify anything
              and the .cfg too ?
              or this modifications already done
              • 19. Re: open file
                Sarah QA

                try this and check u r form if its already exists do not modified it and if its not modify that line.
                and for u r forms version use Forms instead of Forms90..
                ownload WebUtil and JACOB libraries
                • Download WebUtil version 1.0.6 from:
                http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/forms/files/webutil/webutil_106.zip......this is already installed u do not need to download...
                • Download the JACOB libraries from:
                http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jacob-project/jacob_18.zip <-------------------download this one......
                Extract the webutil_106 zip file and make the following:
                • Copy the webutil folder to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90
                • Copy contents of the server folder to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\server
                • Make sure that the webutil.cfg, webutilbase.jar,
                webutiljini.jar, webutiljpi.jar files are copied
                • Copy contents of the java folder to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\java
                • Make sure that the frmwebutil.jar file was copied
                Extract the jacob_18 zip file and make the following:
                • Copy the jacob.dll file to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\webutil
                • Copy the jacob.jar file to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\java
                Sign the Jar files using sign_webutil.bat
                • Sign both the frmwebutil.jar and the jacob.jar with the same digital
                • Make sure that keytool and jarsigner are present in the path.
                • Make sure that you have shutdown the OC4G Instance .
                • From command line type the following:
                o C:\cd <Developer Home>\jdk\bin
                o C:\<Developer Home>\jdk\bin>
                <Developer Home>\forms90\webutil\sign_webutil.bat
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\frmwebutil.jar
                o Make sure that this message (...successfully done.) is appeared.
                o C:\<Developer Home>\jdk\bin>
                <Developer Home>\forms90\webutil\sign_webutil.bat
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\jacob.jar
                o Make sure that this message (...successfully done.) is appeared.
                ENG. Mohammed AL_Alami Page 3
                orion-web.xml Configuration
                • Go to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\j2ee\DevSuite\applicationdeployments\
                • Open the orion-web.xml file.
                • Add this line:
                o <virtual-directory virtual-directory="/webutil"
                real-directory="<Developer Home>/forms90/webutil"
                • Save the changes.
                default.env Configuration
                • Go to this directory:
                <Developer Home>\forms90\server
                • Open the default.env file.
                • Find FORMS90_PATH=<Developer Home>\forms90
                • Append this line:
                o C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\ds_1\forms90\webutil
                • In a new line under (FORMS90_PATH=) add this line:
                o WEBUTIL_CONFIG=<Developer Home>\forms90\server\webutil.cfg
                • Find PATH= , comment it and replace it with this line:
                o PATH=<Developer Home>\bin;
                <Developer Home>\jlib;
                <Developer Home>\jdk\bin;
                <Developer Home>\jdk\jre\bin;
                <Developer Home>\jdk\jre\bin\client;
                <Developer Home>\jre\1.1.8\bin;
                • Find CLASSPATH= and append this line:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\java\jacob.jar;
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\frmwebutil.jar;
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\f90all.jar;
                <Developer Home>\jdk\jre\lib\rt.jar;
                • Save the changes.
                ENG. Mohammed AL_Alami Page 4
                formsweb.cfg Configuration
                • Go to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\server
                • Open the formsweb.cfg file.
                • Under the [Default] section
                o Find archive_jini=f90all_jinit.jar
                o Comment this line.
                o Add the following:
                �� archive_jini=f90all_jinit.jar,frmwebutil.jar,jacob.jar
                �� archive=f90all.jar
                • At the end of the formsweb.cfg file, Define a new section
                • Save the changes.
                webutil.cfg Configuration
                • Go to this directory:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\server
                • Open the webutil.cfg file.
                • At the end of this file add the following
                o transfer.database.enabled=TRUE
                o transfer.appsrv.enabled=TRUE
                ENG. Mohammed AL_Alami Page 5
                Registry Configuration
                • In the registry editor find FORMS90_BUILDER_CLASSPATH
                • Modify by appending this line:
                o <Developer Home>\forms90\java\jacob.jar;
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\frmwebutil.jar;
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\f90all.jar;
                <Developer Home>\jdk\jre\lib\rt.jar;
                • Note: The total length of the FORMS90_BUILDER_CLASSPATH cannot exceed
                512 characters.
                • If the FORMS90_BUILDER_CLASSPATH exceeds 512 characters, you will get
                this error when you start the Forms Builder:
                o FRM-18122: Oracle Forms Debugger failed to Initialize.
                • To solve this problem make the following:
                o Return FORMS90_BUILDER_CLASSPATH to its previous value.
                o Workaround FORMS90_BUILDER_CLASSPATH by defining new
                environment variables (user variables):
                Variable Name Variable Value
                WEBUTIL_CONFIG <Developer Home>\forms90\server\webutil.cfg
                CLASSPATH <Developer Home>\forms90\java\jacob.jar;
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\frmwebutil.jar;
                <Developer Home>\forms90\java\f90all.jar;
                <Developer Home>\jdk\jre\lib\rt.jar;
                ENG. Mohammed AL_Alami Page 6
                Configuring Database for WebUtil
                • Start SQL*Plus as SYSDBA, and issue
                o CREATE USER webutil IDENTIFIED BY [password]
                DEFAULT TABLESPACE users
                TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp;
                SYNONYM TO webutil;
                • Start iSQL*Plus as webutil
                o Load the script create_webutil_db.sql
                (You find this script under webutil_106 zip file after extract it)
                o Execute the script.
                o You will get this message:
                PACKAGE CREATED
                PACKAGE Body CREATED
                • Start SQL*Plus as webutil, and issue
                o CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM webutil_db FOR webutil.webutil_db;
                • Reconnect as SYSDBA, and issue:
                o GRANT EXECUTE ON webutil_db TO PUBLIC;
                ENG. Mohammed AL_Alami Page 7
                Using WebUtil
                • Start the OC4J instance.
                • Start Forms Builder and connect to your schema.
                o Open webutil.olb
                o Open webutil.pll
                • Compile ALL (Shift-Control-K)
                • Generate PLX (Control-T).
                • If the PLX is not generated, the webutil.pll library would have to be
                attached with full path information to all forms wishing to use WebUtil. This is
                NOT recommended.
                • Create a new Form
                o Open webutil.olb, and Subclass (not Copy) the WEBUTIL object to
                the Object Groups of your form.
                o There is no need to Subclass the WEBUTILCONFIG object.
                o Attach the webutil.pll Library, and and remove the path.
                o When you open the WEBUTIL_CANVAS in layout editor, you can see the
                following screen (i.e. your installation is successful). Otherwise, you will
                get this error;
                • FRM-13008: Cannot find JavaBean with name '%s.'
                • Compile the FMB to FMX, after doing a Compile-All (Shift-Control-K).
                • Under Edit>Preferences>Runtime in Forms Builder
                o Click on "Reset to Default" if the "Application Server URL"
                is empty.
                o Then append "?config=webutil" at the end, so you end up with a
                URL of the form
                Note:- You have to use Forms instead of Forms90...

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