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    How to Use JCA adapter


      I have a JCA compliant adapter that i like to use to integrate a legacy application but i have seen no information on how to use a JCA adapter from Oracle Integration.

      Any help is appreciated.
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          Hi Gerardo

          Oracle Interconnect 10g enables third party adapter integration through a proprietary SDK, which is not JCA compliant.

          Oracle ProcessConnect relies on JCA (plus more) for communicating with standard and third party adapters. Since ProcessConnect 10g is based on JCA 1.0 (due to spec availability), Oracle had to extend the JCA 'contract' with certain Design Time and Runtime inbound API's which an adapter also must implement in order to seamlessly interoperate with ProcessConnect. Oracle can provide you with the necessary ADK (Adapter Development Kit) if you join the Early Access program.

          Please indicate here if you would like to join this program and I will provide you with pertinent contact information so you can initiate this.
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            Hi, Bo Stern

            I would like to join Early Access program.