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    How to Pass fields value to detail page in report?

      Hi experts,

      I want to use report to create calls for my doctors(contact), in my report, the first column is contact, the 2nd is account, and there are some fileds from call's record type, the last column is a link called "create call", my requirement is, when I click the "create call" it naviagates to call create detail page, the account name and contact name will be auto-populate on the account field and contact filed which is the account and contact in the current row of report; can any one tell me how to do this report;

      Much appreciate your input...

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          Hi Tiger,

          I see the thread is marked as answered. DId you manage to fulfil the requirement? I am interested to know how. Would you please post the solution here?

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            1. New a field in the report with text or picklist type;
            2. Edit the properties -> style, check Use Custom CSS Class, and type ActionLink here.
            3. Overwrite the defualt data format with custom text format, write javascript: @[html]"<a href=\"javascript:top.location.href='/OnDemand/user/ContactCallInsert?OMCR0="@H"&OMTGT=ContactCallInsert&OMTHD=ActivityNewNav&OMCBO=Contact&ContactCallInsert.Type=Call&ContactCallInsert.Indexed Pick 4=Professionnal Call&&OMRET0=Homepage';\" target="_new">create call</a>"
            4. edit fx of this field with: Contact."Contact ID" || '&ContactCallInsert.Description=' || '拜访:' || REPLACE(REPLACE(Account."Account Name", '''', '\'''), '"', '\"') ||'&ContactCallInsert.Account+Id=' || Account."Account ID" || '&ContactCallInsert.Account+Name=' || REPLACE(REPLACE(Account."Account Name", '''', '\'''), '"', '\"')

            preview your report and test it;