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    Using jconsole

      Hello all,

      I'm starting weekly sessions to monitorize a tomcat server and I think that a good application to do this could be "jconsole". I've seen jconsole in a local environment to check how it works and now i'd like to export data shown in the jconsole interface to inspect it out of line, but i don't know if it's possible, to save the information periodically to a file or to get the info from any file, i don't know. Really I'm novice and it's been difficult to get the local environment up to do the tests.

      I've installed java version 1.5.0_17

      Could anyone help me, please?

      Thanks a lot
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          first of all, do you realize that jdk 1.5 has already reached end of life? if possible, try to use 1.6? also, pretty much everything jconsole does can be done better by jvisualvm. i'd check that out before going too long with jconsole. i'm not sure what data export options there are, but jvisualvm seems to be under more active development than jconsole, so your chances are probably better there. also, both support plugins, so it's possible you could write your own plugin to export the data to a format of your choosing.