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    Remove old "dump" parameters from spfile after upgrading to 11g?

    Dana N
      We recently upgraded a development instance from 10g to 11g using dbua. During the upgrade, we provided a value for Diagnostic Destination (diagnostic_dest). However, when I do a "show parameter dump" I see several deprecated parameters like background_dump_dest, user_dump_dest, and core_dump_dest. Though populated with locations we'd expect (beneath "diag"), I'd hoped dbua would get rid of these "old" parameters. I'm interpreting "old" to mean "deprecrated."

      Q1) Do I need to take any action? I've seen several Upgrade-to-11g workshops / slides / tip sheets that recommend removing "old" parameters. But they never seem to give any detail about which ones, specifically, to remove. Although I've found the syntax (alter system reset <parameter name> scope=spfile sid='*') I need more details about specific parameters I should eliminate.

      Q2) When we upgraded from 9i to 10g some time ago, I don't believe any action was taken to remove "old" parameters then either. So our current 11g pfile / spfile may have superfluous content. So what's the best way to review and identify parameters to remove? Should I execute the following:

      select name, value, isdeprecated from v$parameter where isdeprecated = 'TRUE';

      ... and start from there?

      While it might be nice to have a "clean" spfile, I don't much care about superfluous, inert stuff that isn't harmful. But I am concerned with parameters that could cause unwanted, unexpected behavior and/or performance problems. Can anyone give a specific example (or examples) of where leaving "old" parameters in place can cause adverse effects?