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    Multiple instances of ApexListener Glassfish are not working (same domain)

    Igor Kortchnoï
      Apex Listener 1.1
      Glassfish 3.1

      I have two domains, domain1 (Apex 3.2.1) and domain2 (Apex 4.0.2)

      Each one has its own apex-config.xml file (${java.io.tmpdir}/apex1/apex-config.xml and ${java.io.tmpdir}/apex2/apex-config.xml) . I have used Udo's advice (Re: How to change apex-config.xml location to do it. So far , so good.

      Now, I try to put a second ApexListener on domain1, pointing to another database. I create another file, ${java.io.tmpdir}/apex3/apex-config.xml, and, after installing the corresponding apex listener war on domain 1, i go directly to APEX URL, without running listenerConfigure.
      And I fall on DB pointed by apex1/apex-config.xml, though the URL shows apex3 in it.
      When I try to do localhost:port/apex3/listenerAdmin, I see all fields protected and filled with data for apex1/apex-config.xml .

      Any idea what went wrong and how to fix it?

      Of course, I can create one domain per Apex DB, but maintaining many /i/ directories (our css, js and other libraries live there) instead of one or two seems too heavy to me.

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          Hello Igor,

          I didn't have the time to use the current production release ( in that kind of environment yet, but there was another thread that indicates there is a bug in this release concerning the config handling: {thread:id=2197497}
          Although I personally think the last post wasn't compliant to forum rules, it has contains the useful hint that going back to the previous release (1.0.2) showed better results.
          If you don't depend on the new features, could you try to if the older release solves your problem?