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    India localization receipt error, import standard purchase order interface


      I created PO using PO interface and then imported PO in Incomplete status. Now after applying taxes(India localization) i send it for approval and then tried creating receipt. at this point i got an error message which is about trigger JAI_RCV_RT_BRIUD_T1 and some routine and all.

      After doing little diagnostic here and there, i found that If i create Manual PO and apply Taxes i.e. Open Purhcase Order(Localized) select line level click on "Taxes" and apply a Tax on it and precedence, just after "Rate" there is a field of Curr which is defaulted with INR.

      In case of Import PO, at order localized form when I apply Tax, the field Curr is Null.

      Now when I somehow put currency INR in imported PO(by making that field editable and taking INR from LOV) everything goes smooth.

      So my doubt is, why INR is not coming by default at Tax screen at PO localized form when i create PO using interface.