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    SQL Developer 3.0 Connection error

      Just downloaded 3.0 production, and when trying to connect to a 10g database via expanding the connection '+' symbol next to the connection I get an error stating that 'Oracle database version 11.2 is required.' Is this true or is this a bug? I have no problem making a connection when using the dropdown connection list in an SQL scratchpad tab.

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          Make sure Database - Advanced - Use OCI isn't checked in the preferences. If you do need this you need to install a 11.2 client.

          Hope that helps,
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            Use OCI is not checked. When I check the properties of the connection and click 'Test Connection' it connects fine. Only when expanding the database tree do I get that error? Any other suggestions?
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              Turloch O'Tierney-Oracle
              SQLDeveloper Data miner support is that brings up the error message as well. (For me data minor connections if configured are in a window beneath the main connections).

              SQLDeveloper team
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                So are you saying < 11.2 is not supported, or that this indeed is an error?
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                  good question, if there is no way to use it with 10g databases this is strange because

                  Oracle Database Certification

                  Oracle Database 11g Release 2
                  Oracle Database 11g Release 1
                  Oracle Database 10g
                  Oracle Database Express Edition 10g
                  Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g
                  Oracle In-Memory Database Cache 11g

                  so what i have todo to use "Oracle Database Express Edition 10g"?

                  Best Regards
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                    Andrés Muchiut
                    if you activate
                    Herramientas / Data Miner / Make visible
                    then if you tray to expand the connection (with +), get the error:
                    'Oracle database version 11.2 is required.'
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                      Mark Kelly-Oracle
                      Data Miner has its own Navigator named Data Miner.
                      It is limited to Oracle DB's 11.2 and above.
                      This should have no affect on the SQL Developer Connections Navigator.
                      Thanks, Mark
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                        As similar to some of earlier posts here, after I selected the TOOLS | DATAMINER | MAKE VISIBLE then I can no longer use SQL Developer 3.0 to connect to target DBs (i.e. version) using any previously working connections. Win XP (SP 3).

                        I have not been able to find any method to DE-ACTIVATE the Data Miner option in the TOOLS menu (to de-select the 'MAKE VISIBLE' option), which is very frustrating. I considered trying the 'DROP REPOSITORY' option, but that seemed risky.

                        So I deleted the entire SQL Developer 3.0 folder/files from the disk drive, then did another fresh UNZIP of the SQL Developer 3.0 folder/files. But when I ran the freshly unzipped executable "sqldeveloper.exe" file, it immediately gave me the message in a CONNECTION INFORMATION window "Data Miner is monitoring workflow jobs on connection 'xxxxxx'." and none of the DB connections (i.e. for version work because the message says an 11.2 target DB is required.

                        1. How can the DATA MINER option be reverted in SQL Developer 3.0?
                        2. Is there a Windows Registry entry that can be changed?

                        Thanks, Scott.
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                          To completely clear all the persisted settings for SQLDeveloper, you need to backup/delete the SQLDeveloper system folder, usually stored in:
                          Win 7
                          C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\systemXXXXXX

                          Win XP
                          documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\SQL Developer\systemXXXXXX
                          this will remove all your settings and the system folder will be recreated from scratch when you start SQLDeveloper.

                          I never used the data miner option so far, so i cannot say if there is a quicker way to disable it, but deleting all the settings will do the job for sure.
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                            HI Irian,

                            Thanks very much.

                            Your suggestion to delete my Win XP folder (documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\SQL Developer\systemXXXXXX) worked great.

                            After that I started up SQL Developer 3.0 and it asked me the fresh question if I wanted to import old settings (I answered 'yes') and I was back to normal.

                            I will avoid the "Tools/Data Miner/Make Visible" from now on.

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                              I just hit this same problem. Took me a while to figure out what was going on.

                              I upgrade to SQL Developer 3.0, and continued using it as usual for a while. I then decided to see what new features had been added, which included clicking the Data Miner->Make Visible option, resulting in then getting the error reported in this thread.

                              Here's what causes the confusion. The only obvious change to the interface is the addition of the Workflow Jobs tab below the Connections tab. So, the obvious way to get rid of it is to close the Workflow Jobs tab.

                              Here's the thing, another tab has also opened. You end up with "Connections", "Reports", and "Data Miner" tabs. The "Data Miner" tab looks almost identical to the Connections tab. That's what confused me (and I suspect is what's confused other people too). The only difference between the two tabs is that the icons on individual connections are slightly different, and the data miner tab lacks the "apply filter" button in the tab's toolbar. Closing the Data miner tab and going back to the Connections tab got everything working again.

                              Frankly, it's terribly confusing UI design to have two tabs which look so similar, but do different things.
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                                This worked for me too, THANKS Irian.

                                Rename the folder
                                C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\systemXXXXXX

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                                  Mark Kelly-Oracle
                                  If you close the Data Miner Navigator and the associated Workflow Jobs dockable, it will deactivate any Data Miner behavior.
                                  There should be no affect on the SQL Developer Connections navigator.
                                  Thanks, Mark
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                                    Thanks! Indeed, the data miner tab looks pretty much identical to the connections tab. It's very easy to fall into this trap. Your hint saved me a great deal of time and aggravation.
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