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    Is it possible to monitor bea.jrockit.management MBean using SNMP?

      If I create a SNMPCounterMonitor (or SNMPStringMonitor) in the console then I only seems to be able to select runtime MBeans to be monitored which are located in the "com.bea" domain. Example: com.bea:Name=someserver,Type=ServerRuntime.

      I would like to monitor MBeans from the "bea.jrockit.management" domain. Is that possible?
      Example: bea.jrockit.management:type=Runtime.

      When creating a SNMPxxxxMonitor using JMX I seem to get the error: Failed to assign value [Runtime] due to exception: javax.management.InvalidAttributeValueException: Invalid value for MonitoredMBeanType: Runtime.

      Allan Andersen