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    Unable to deliver expense Item

      Hi ,

      We are unable to deliver expense Item . We have completed receipts , inspections and unable to deliver from Receiving transactions form . Receiving transactions processor is failing and records getting accumulated in transactions status summary .

      We were not able to deliver or return to the supplier .

      Please let is there any delete statement to delete the record from receiving transactions or any other work around to solve this issue . We are into

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          what error message are you getting when the transaction fails?
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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            Receiving Txn processor can be a little finicky. There are many notes on metalink. Make sure you are up to date on receiving patches. Take a look at
            Receiving Transaction Processor Fails With "Rvtth-445" Error For Expense Destination PO [ID 781857.1]

            I hate to say this but in some cases bouncing the d/b has fixed my receiving transaction processor issues. There must be some explanation why it needed a bounce but I have not been able to find it. Use this approach if all else fails.

            Sandeep Gandhi

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              Sandeep said it correctly.. We had similar issue and resolved by restarting the receiving trx process..

              Could you please check below process are up and running for you..? These transaction managers need to be started before transactions are entered.

              - Receiving Transaction Manager
              - Standard Manager
              - PO Document Approval Manager

              /S.P DASH