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    StarOffice 9 installation failure on Linux

      Trying to install StarOffice 9 on my Linux system (Linux from Scratch, self compiled ), I get the following error:
      Package Name: staroffice9-dict-en-9.2.0-9483.i586.rpm
      rpm upgrade ignoresize -vh relocate /opt=/home/edgar//opt dbpath
      Returns: 1 Error during installation
      error: Couldn't create temporary file for
      Permission denied
      error: staroffice9-dict-en-9.2.0-9483.i586: install failed
      This message shows up for all dictionaries, up to russian !
      1.) where is SO trying to write a temporary file ? How could I give a permission ? or
      2.) How could I avoid all this dictionarys to be installed ? I do not need them at all

      Any help very appreciated.
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          Wednesday, March 30, 2011

          [1] Try starting using sudo to start the instructions string.

          [2] The error message indicates that the install is trying to create the temporary files on the CD - try copying the install files to the hard drive and install from there.

          [3] Try the instructions on this link.


          [4] With some OOo installations I have found that I have had manually unarchive the rpm and copy it to the desired location.