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    Write-back to Peoplesoft Experiences

      Hi. I've got a rather general question: I'm looking for anyone's actual experiences or opinions with regards to write-back to Peoplesoft using Planning/FDM.

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          I've done this at a customer using the pull script generating journals that were loaded into PS.

          What is your exact question?
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            Are you referring to the ERPi capability to writeback budget data or more generically using FDM to generate a PeopleSoft "journal"?

            What type of information are you specifically looking for? Performance, viability?

            My team and I have done a good amount of work with ERPi so we'd be happy to share our experiences. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to have a more in depth conversation. If you jut have high level questions and prefer the forum, that's good too.

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              Thank-you for your responses. We are developing options and we want to assess the risks and issues in each option. So we’d like to know if the features work well, what versions are stable, did they perform well etc. So it’s more like general experiences than specific questions.

              The specific requirement is to write back budget. We don’t need to generate journal entries. As we are considering different options and we want to get a feel for an FDM (and/or ERPi) approach vs other options. In particular we’d like to know what versions worked. Whether it worked well, how did it perform. It’s due diligence to make sure we have gathered all the background info we can.