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    File adapter native format urgent

      Hi guys, there is a lack of documentation in pratical samples about ftp adapter and file adapter.

      I need to do something like this:

      A partner generates in a ftp server some files positional flat files, that we must read and load in data base. This is reallly looks like simple right? No its not. Soa suite isnt an easy tool to work, mainly because a lack of documentation. Maybe oracle developers think that their tools only be used to him and anymore.
      In fact could be cool if this is happen but oracle sale a lot of this tools and we have to work with this.

      So i need help to load a data file that have a header, records and a trailer all positional... i read about and i cant do that, i cant validate when is header, when is record and when is trailer, all that types of lines have diferente structures.

      Ill develop some java class to take that or I must use the freak file adapter? i think this could be done using file adpater.

      Sorry but my patient is over about this oracle tools... its looks like hell to work with this.