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    Java 3D New?

      Hi. About a year ago, I remember hearing some hype about how Java 3D is about to be released soon, and everyone was getting excited. However, books exist on the topic as far back as 2002. Was I hearing things, or is Java 3D relatively new (maybe it has had a new release?).

      Sorry, additionally, is it safe to do a project in java 3D? I see a lot of post from about a year ago talking about it becoming obsolete. I am just trying to decide what to use to create a virtual world, and I would like to use Java 3D if it is still well supported.


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          "The Java 3D API is now a community source project developed on java.net."

          ..you can find info about:

          also another java3d forum exists on java.net, you can ask there about plan for future

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