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    IOP sample application errors in

      When running isreset as a part of setup to view the IOP sample application with, I encountered the following error:
      2011-03-30 11:43:38.792 ERROR ERROR executing statement: grant SELECT ON IS_BROKEN_CONSTRAINTS TO sample_iop
      com.interlacesystems.util.ISException: failed to commit
      at com.interlacesystems.setup.AbstractSetup.exec(Unknown Source)
      at com.interlacesystems.setup.AbstractSetup.startCLTool(Unknown Source)
      at com.interlacesystems.util.core.ArgumentsParser.processArgs(Unknown So
      at com.interlacesystems.util.core.ArgumentsParser.processArgs(Unknown So
      at com.interlacesystems.setup.ISSetup.main(Unknown Source)
      Caused by: com.interlacesystems.jdbc.ISSQLException: ORA-01917: user or role 'SA
      MPLE_IOP' does not exist

      Error code: 1917
      SQL State: 42000
      Original SQL: grant SELECT ON IS_BROKEN_CONSTRAINTS TO sample_iop

      at com.interlacesystems.jdbc.SQLExceptionHandler.convertException(Unknow
      n Source)
      at com.interlacesystems.jdbc.PreparedStatementWrapper.convertException(U
      nknown Source)
      at com.interlacesystems.jdbc.PreparedStatementWrapper.executeUpdate(Unkn
      own Source)
      at com.interlacesystems.setup.AbstractSetup.createExceptViews(Unknown So
      at com.interlacesystems.setup.AbstractSetup.create(Unknown Source)
      ... 5 more
      Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01917: user or role 'SAMPLE_IOP
      ' does not exist

      the README for the Sample IOP application only states the following users are required:
      8. Create two users "dpotts" and "vpfinance" in Hyperion Shared Services and provision them with "IOP User" role.

      The instructions for the Sample application that ships with should be more complete. I encountered the following errors trying to set it up:
      RUNANT complains of a missing file.
      "createiopinstance" enountered an error.
      isreset had the above error.

      Given the difficulties in setting this sample up, we ended up going with a different IOP model.