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    Replacement for 2540?

      We've built a number of Sun (SPARC) servers for customers with 2540 arrays fibre attached.

      Now the 2540 is end-of-life, what's the replacement (if any)?

      The 6000 series comes in at over twice the price. Is the Open Storage range a suitable alternative (fibre channel support?).

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          Open Storage support FC connectivity, but:
          1) Redundancy problem. ( Cluster configuration possible, but it's another price ).
          2) Performance problem. What i can see - it's not good result. Especial for 1 thread.

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            There may be one in the pipeline I hear.... Sometime around June time frame. It will probably be called a 2600 and will be the same as the IBM DS3512, which if it
            doesn't materialize by then would be a good bet to pursue. It will probably be cheaper as well.

            I got caught out by exactly the problem after buying a 2540 full of 2TB disks in October 2010, I went to add more trays and disks in February and was told it
            was no longer available. I was extraordinarily pissed off by this and it may well end up costing Oracle a lot of business. This is not how Sun used to do it with
            last ship dates etc. Larry's policy of selling only whats on the truck may well come back to haunt him.

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              Thanks for the heads-up on the new array. Will keep an eye out for it.