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    oci post varray of blobs  to the database - any ideas?

      This seems wierd to me and i can't help thinking I'm missing something obvious.

      I can create a varray of blob on the db - called say "varrblob"; I can create an array of blob(string) in PHP; I can get multiple blobs from the db in one go via a cursor

      ....BUT I can't find a way to save multiple blobs to the db in one group ie. like a varray of blob.

      - I have tried creating a write using an oci collection with "Oracle named type" - "varrblob" in my case but it errors with type 113 (blob) not possible when executing mycollection->append.
      - I have trolled the web and found nothing better than a single blob write (which i can already do no problem)

      Are there any gurus out there with any ideas?