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    Usage Tracking Issues.

    Andrew Chatterton
      I've recently isntalled usage tracking on our UPK server and I am having some issues. First, the tracking doesnt appear to be working. The documents are in the database table and they show up on the reporting page but the number of times viewed is not updating no matter how many users view the pages. Also, is there anyway to include multiple libraries? We have high amount of UPK courses available and it only seems to pick up the documents if you set the content path to one of the folders specifically. If I put all of our libraries in a master folder and point the content path there it picks up no content at all.. Thank you.
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          Andrew Chatterton
          Update I've got the multiple libraries working now, they are showing up in reports together but I can still only get views recorded if I manually put them into the database. For some reason its not recording when users access the UPK modules. Any suggestions ?
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            Marc Santosusso
            Hello Andrew,

            Things like this usually require some digging into before the solution presents itself. As such, I encourage you to submit a ticket with Oracle Support so that they can guide you appropriately. My Oracle Support: http://support.oracle.com/

            The only thing that comes to mind is that the content is not recognized by Usage Tracking. Are you sure the content is in the folder that is configured to be tracked in the Usage Tracking configuration? If you try to access the content directly and are not prompted, it's usually a good indication that the content is not recognized by the Usage Tracking server.

            Are you using Standard or Windows Authentication? Standard is sometimes easier to troubleshoot due to the fact that you are prompted to log in when the server is configured correctly.

            I hope that helps.

            Best regards,
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              Hi, how did you manage to have multiple libraries?