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    Urgent - ORDM Query


      I am new to ORDM. Can you please let me know where from I can get the Installer? I've tried in edelivery and downloads.oracle.com , but no luck yet.

      Also, whether we it's a feasible option to use ORDM for Operational reporting on the base tables.

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          I just checked and the ORDM installer is at edelivery, https://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/Download/get_form?egroup_aru_number=11769217, however do not look under Oracle Retail Applications, but Oracle Database, as the ORDM is not an ORetail initiative, but a database option, like e.g. Partitioning is also a db option.

          Operational reporting could be done I guess, but think about server load and timing issues.

          Best regards, Erik Ykema
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            Hi Krish,

            Below are my comments numbered in the same order as you have followed.

            (i) ORDM installer is available at edelivery , In Select a Product Pack option use Oracle Database and you can find Oracle Retail Data Model Media Pack.
            (ii) Operational reporting can be done based on Base Table.

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              Thanks Erik and Avinash. It's for Linux only,right? not for Windows.
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                Yes, but with some hacking and a linux emulator (e.g. Services for Unix from Microsoft) you may be able to get it running.