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      hi all,
      EBS release 12.0.6

      Was reading http://www.orafaq.com/wiki/Mod_plsql

      Followed the same and have setup my dads.conf which look like below
      <Location /pls/SID>
      SetHandler pls_handler
      Order deny,allow
      Allow from all
      AllowOverride None
      PlsqlDatabaseUsername        apps
      PlsqlDatabasePassword         apps
      PlsqlDatabaseConnectString   hostnmae:1541:sid SIDFormat
      #PlsqlDefaultPage fnd.web.ping
      PlsqlAuthenticationMode       Basic
      and also created the procedure, restared the apache ./adapctl.sh ran dadTool.pl -o

      But when i tried to open the url as


      the url is not opening. Please suggest me how to check the dads.conf works fine for pl/sql