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    Java Plugin / Extension Installer / Linux -- Bug or Bad Distrib?

      Hi, looking for some insight on this so I came to the source.
      I've developed an extension and a companion applet which uses it to display within a webpage. I followed the procedure correctly and indeed everything works fine with a Windows 7 client, the extension is successfully installed.

      The problem comes when a computer running Linux (specifically Debian Squeeze) accesses the page. After accepting to install the extension, the plugin spits out an error (FileNotFoundException - Permission Denied).

      The lib/ext directory is owned by root. All visible instances of Java are running as the present user.

      I'd really like this to be a bit more reliable than this, is the problem associated with the Java plugin not requesting elevated privileges before attempting the install, or is this a misconfiguration of the Linux Distribution and the associated Java packages? Can I expect the extension installer to succeed with other unix-like operating systems, or must I offer detailed installation instructions for these scenarios?