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    Service request and interaction requirement

      Hi Gurus,

      I'm in a Siebel project on a call center and we have the following generic situation:
      1) A customer calls to the company and he wants to talk about different subjects from different areas of the company;
      2) He talks with the first agent and the he creates a service request to record the problem;
      3) The first agent transfers the call to another area (we are implementing a CTI middlware to use the CTI bar);
      4) In the second area, the customer wants to know about an old service request, the agent opens the required service request and creates an activity to record the interaction;
      5) Th first agent transfers the call to a third area;
      6) The third agent creates another service request and then the call is over.

      Our requirement is a record that shows the amount of time that my customer stayed on the phone and with which areas he had interaction (the three areas).
      We thougnt to create an entity that has to be related with the new service request (steps 2 and 6) and with the activity (step 4). The problem is that record has to stay on the application background during all the customer's call and it has to be related with records created by different agents.

      Does anybody know if I can meet my requirements using only service request and activity?

      Thanks in advance


      P.S: If I were not clear, please tell me and I'll try to clarify!