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    Person Selection Rule not working as expected.


      I am using this text as a Formula text in a Person Selection Rule. However it is not working as expected.

      DEFAULT for PER_EMP_NUMBER is '111'

      eligible = 'N'
      result = 'No'


      IF result = 'Yes' THEN
      eligible = 'Y'
      eligible = 'N'
      RETURN eligible

      It is giving me an error saying this:

      Cause: A SQL SELECT statement, obtained from the application dictionary, ret >>
      Warning : No Primary assignment found for this Person ID : 143933
      << Person id : 143933 failed. Reason : Unhandled exception while processing Person : 143933 in package : ben_batch_utils..person_selection_rule.ORA-20001: Data PER_EMP_NUMBER not found at line 9 of XXWW_PERSON_SELECTION_LOOKUP_FF

      at the end it says: The selection criteria you chose resulted in no persons being selected. Choose different selection criteria or reduce the number of parameters you select. Error occurred in the following package : ben_back_out_conc.process.

      If I use a Selection rule with employee numbers hardcoded in it, it works fine.

      I am on
      RDBMS :
      Oracle Applications :

      Please let me know, if you see any issues with the code. Or let me know how to trace this.