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    When web apps/war published via OEPE I get '404 Not found' on access

      I am using Weblogic and OEPE 11gR1PS3, which I downloaded as a bundle from the Oracle download site.

      I have installed it on to my PC and have just an admin server running.

      I am using 'Deploy Java EE modules in exploded archive' in OEPE against Weblogic

      It all seems to work fine, the two web/war applications are published, and if I look in the console I can see that they are deployed and active.
      But when I try and access either of the web/war applications from my browser I get a '404' error, and for the life of me I can't find any errors or Exceptions. It is as if the context root for these applications is just not recognised.

      If I start Weblogic outside of Eclipse and deploy the apps via the autodeploy directory, they work fine.

      In fact, if I use OEPE to run an 'Oracle Weblogic Server 11gr1 PatchSet 3' inside my Eclipse and all configured to work against a Weblogic installation, and don't publish my web app/war via OEPE, but just copy the wars to the autodeploy there are no issues, I can access the web apps.

      Summary: publishing web apps through OEPE will give 404 errors when you access them via a Web browser.

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