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    impdp ora-01652 with remap_table


      I am trying to import a table using remap_table. The source dump was created from Oracle 10.2. The destination is Oracle 11.2. The size of the table is about 130 GB.
      I used the command:
      impdp un/pw parfile=myparfile.par.

      The contents of myparfile.par are:


      When I started the job, everything looked fine. The new table was created and the logfile was being updated. Then, maybe after 5 hours, it started to throw some errors:

      ORA-31693: Table data object "MYSCHEMA"."MYTABLE":"MYPARTITION"."MYSUBPART" failed to load/unload and is being skipped due
      to error:
      ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP
      ORA-01403: no data found

      I killed the job, added some data file to the tablespace temp, and restarted the load. Same errors again. I also noticed that the impdp did not create any indexes on the new table.

      Does impdp not create indexes when remap_table is used?
      Are the errors because impdp is building indexes in the temp tablespace and the tablespace is full? (I thought Indexes were created when impdp creates the metadata for the table. If that's the case then it's not because of the indexes that these errors are showing up. Not after 5 hours of load... Or is it a possibility?)
      How can I solve this problem? create more room in the temp tablespace? or am I missing something?

      Help me out gurus