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    One way audio due to audio port mismatch

      Hi, I'm trying to implement CCA with a VoipGateway and ran into an issue whereby the CCA is sending voice packets from a different Audio port to the one that was used in the original SIP invite. The Gateway used also double as an SBC so there is no way to set it to allow assymmetric port usage. Is there a way to configure the CCA to use the same audio port for transmit and receive voice packets? The CCA is running 8.1.3 FP4. I was told that someone managed to get it done in FP5. I'm hesitant to upgrade as this is setup is operational and do not want to break anything unless I'm 100% sure that it can be done. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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          FP5 release notes have this as a new feature:

          Description: Symmetric RTP provides for real time protocol communications over a single User Datagram
          Protocol (UDP) port to support both transmit and receive messaging. Contact Center Anywhere previously
          supported only unidirectional asymmetric RTP transmission. Two UDP ports were used in a call leg with
          one port utilized for transmitting and one port for receiving messages.
          IETF standard RFC 4961 is implemented by commercial voice over IP providers and equipment manufacturers to
          successfully interoperate with NAT (Network Address Translation) systems that lack integrated ALG (Application
          Layer Gateway) functionality as outlined in IETF RFC 4787. Manufacturers of certain SBCs (Session Border
          Controllers) require media relay to conform to ‘Address-Dependent’ or ‘Address and Port Dependent’ definitions in
          IETF RFC 4787 which requires Symmetric RTP. Having this capability will increase densities by reducing the ports
          required and open up compatibility with certain SBCs. No configuration changes are required to enable Symmetric
          RTP, this feature is automatic when running Version 8.1.3 Fix Pack 5.