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    Customization for SourceSubinv while creating IntReq via iProcurement

      We are using Internal Requisitions via iProcurement.
      The business has a requirement that the Items must be picked up only from a specific source subinventory.

      So when we click the link "Click here to select a source" for creating the Internal Requisitions, the field "Subinventory (Quantity)" displays all the available Subinventories present in the selected Source Organization along with the value called "Any".

      But the business wants to have only one specific subinventory to be shown instead of all.

      So when i used form personalization and made the "Initial Value" property to that specific Subinv, the page when opened is defaulting that Subinv, but the end user has an option to change the same. This should not be allowed.

      So i have also set the "Read Only" property to "Yes", so that the page when rendered will default that specific Subinv setup as the Initial Value and is also grayed out since the field has been made Read Only by which the functionality is achieved.

      Now here comes the issue.
      When the requisition has been submitted, and when i checked the details, the Source Subinv value has been taken as "Any" instead of the Subinv that has been setup as the Initial Value.

      Please provide me with the solution as how can i use the Subinv that has been given in the Initial Value to be considered instead of "Any" when the requisition has been submitted.