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        I can't resist....

        And that's why Ranzal is an awesome partner :)

        Sorry for the shameless plug. If you look back at my posting history, I've always avoided doing that but we've corresponded a lot through the forums so I figured I'd put out a little funny.

        Yes, my comedic skills are far less than my FDM skills....
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          Try this one... I just flew in from Berlin and boy are my arms tired.......

          Thank you, Thank you, I'll be in town all week. ;)
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            Thnx Beyerch,

            Your a great help, I will try and use this in the AftProcMap event script right? So after the following I specify my ICP change:

            'Use the diconnected recordset here.
            Do While Not rs.BOF and Not rs.EOF
            ' Do something with the current Account.

            Something like:

            If varvalues(14) <> IsICP = 1
            then result varvalues(18) = "IGNORE"

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              You might want to use the API as referenced by Tony later in the thread as that would be a better way to handle this.

              Either way you would loop through the records for the load and compare the account to either that recordset I return OR (recommended) you would take the current row's account and use the API to check it.

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                Adam S
                Can I post to an old thread? We'll see...

                I'm trying to follow this thread but need some guidance. I couldn't figure out how to use the fisaccounticp command, and actually I don't need it. All of our IC accounts are 8 characters. Anything account with less is not ICP. Can someone help with the following script and explain a little how and when the script executes? Sorry if this is a loaded question. I'm new to the event scripts.

                Sub AftProcMap(strLoc, strDim)

                If strLoc = "CorporateLoad" Then

                     strDim = "Account"

                If Len(strDim) < "8" Then

                strDim = "ICP"
                Result = "[ICP None]"

                End If

                End If

                End Sub
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