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    Generate-Script generates only create package not create or replace package

      I try do work with the Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2010 to include my PL/SQL-code in TFS. I have include all my PL/SQL-code in a Oracle-Projekt and check it in. Than I'm working with Visual Studio to update my packages. I open a package from the Server-Explorer, debug and compile it. When finished, I want to check in the new code. For this I call Generate Create-Script in the Server-Explorer and save the code my project. This code starts with CREATE PACKAGE ...
      If I start this script on our production-system I get the error ORA-00955: Es gibt bereits ein Objekt mit diesem Namen (There is a object with this name ...). So it would be better the Create-Script would start with CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE .... Is there a way to do this? When not, what is the recommended workflow for coding, debugging, compiling and checking in TFS?