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    po_requisitions_interface_all Req Import question


      I am using R12 and we are inserting records into the po_requisitions_interface_all table and then running the Requisition Import. I have a problem where there is an item that has a Unit of Issuance in the Source Org as BX of 10 and the Primary UOM is EA in the source Org. When the import program runs it seems to change the qnty that we inserted into the table. For example if use a part that has a UOM of EA qty of 6 then the import fails and says I had a qty of zero and I need to enter a non zero qnty. When i look in the table the quantity_requested is 0 and the UOM is switched to BX ( Box of 10 ).

      I tried using the standard form and it will let you enter a qty of 6 ea and then a pop up asks you if you want to convert to 1 box of 10..... but you can say no and it still uses the 6 of Each qnty for the Req.

      We would like to be able to keep the qnty of 6 (EA) when using the table import... I just have been unable to find out what field in the po_requisitions_interface_all table I need to set to tell the program not to change the Qty or the UOM.

      I was wondering if anyone has come across this and might know.