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    OLAP Write Back capability

      Hi Geeks,

      I want to ask a very basic question.

      What is exactly meant by the term Write Back? When we say Essbase has write back capability what exactly it means? And why relational databases does not has write back capability?

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          Write back simply means end users can send data to the Essbase database from their front end tool (typically Excel) without having to have knowledge of SQL or insert statements. The ability of course is managed by security privileges and filters. Yes for relational databases you can write front ends that will allow you to insert, append or update a table, but the code has to be written, The Excel tools (Smartview and the Essbase add-in) allow the users to do it with built in functionality.
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            Hi Glenn,

            Thanks for your answer.

            But lets say for a railway reservation system (relational database) we have a front end web based data entry form. Using this form people can write back too, then whats the difference? Yes, one time coading has to be done to accept parameters from data form and insert/ update the relational database. In this case as well people without having knowledge of SQL can write back data to a relational DB.

            Sorry its still not very clear to me.

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              There is not much difference really except one if writing to a relational table and the other is writing to an essbase database
              If you want more information on write-back there was a post recently on the subject - Write Back Capability in Essbase


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                Thanks to both Glenn & John.
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                  Glenn, I understood that comment to say that you can write back to a relational database either through a custom front end or through Smartview. I want to clarify.

                  We want to store comments or string items. And we want to use Hybrid Analysis to link Essbase to a relational Database for storing string items. Then we want to be able to use Smartview Submit Data functionality to write those comments from an Excel template to the Relational database. Will that work?
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                    You really should start a new thread on something like this, but, the answer to your question is no, smart View or the Add-in will not write back to a lrelational DB. (assuming you are not talking about co0mments or annotations in planning). It only writes to Essbase or HFM (and Planning since it uses Essbase). To do what you want, you would either need to write a custom interface or use a product like Dodeca. Dodeca has that built in to make it eas. Disclaimer, I don't work for Applied OLAP I just think the product is really good.