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    Oracle10g:  javavm timezones upgrade

      When using java stored procedures, the original 10g timezones javavm data files are outdated.

      What is the right procedure for an upgrade?
      I discovered one, which is successfull (New timezone data is available). But i do not know whether this procedure is 'state of the art'. Maybe side effects can show up.

      Steps taken.

      Set oracle_SID
      In SQLPlus Logon Sys as sysdba

      I used tzupdater tool to upgrade the tz information of a java runtime on a local computer.
      I took the tz folder of the java runtime an replaced the ORA_HOME/javavm/lib/tz folder with the new one.

      Restart using startup migrate
      - connect as SYS and do the following
      SQL> create or replace java system;

      - Shutdown the database. SQL> SHUTDOWN
      - Restart the each database normally

      I tested the procedure with the America/North_Dakota/Beulah timezone.
      Before upgrade, the GMT datetime was given (which is the default for unknown timezones)
      After upgrade , the correct datetime GMT-5 (during DTS) is given.

      Any feedback is welcome.