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    Barcode using fonts

      Hi friends,

      I am using oracle Report 6i and Oracle DB 10g.
      Windows for (my pc) development and linux for the OAS

      I need to show some numbers in barcode 'format' in web. I have a table with a column named Code (number type),
      I need to show this number like a barcode in my report.

      Between the options for my task I chose the apparently easy way, so I installed a True Type Font (IDAutomationHC39M.ttf) on my PC (Windows) and test my report, and it was ok, because it show the number like barcodes.

      I also add the font to my OAS server (linux).
      So, I send my report to OAS (with CoreFTP) and then test the report in web, and for my surprise my report just show numbers.

      I've tried to solved my problem:

      1. I add * to the numbers

      2. add this code to the file uifont.ali
      [ PDF:Subset ]
      IDAutomationHC39M = "IDAutomationHC39M.ttf"
      And try changes some configurations files ... but nothing works

      I need to know what is the correct procedure to add font to OAS, or maybe there is a problem with my procedure?.
      Remember that what I really need is to show numbers like barcode (in my report) in web using fonts .

      Thanks for helping!