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    Cancelling Requisition which turned into PO

    madhu surige - oracle
      Hi All,

      Can someone tell me.... In 11i

      If a Requisition can be cancelled which was created through iProcurement and had turned into PO with either status of incomplete/approve.
      Requisition needs to be cancelled through iProcurement only. Can someone help on this???

      Thanks in advance for everyone!
      Madhu Kumar
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          I don't believe that you can cancel a requisition once it is tied to the po unless you are looking to cancel that po shipment. What business reason do you have for this?
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            You can cancel a requisition from iprocurement when it is incomplete/approved status, however if a PO is created from a requisition and receipt is not done then you can still cancel a requisition. When you try to cancell an approved requisition which is associated with an approved PO, then system trigger "Requisition Change Request" process on the requisition.

            When you submit a requisition for cancellation in iprocurement you will normally get a message like "Your Cancellation request(s) for requisition xxxxxxx have been submitted for processing, View status of cancellation request from the requisition status page. Return to requisition page to see the status of requisition. Requisition qty will be changed to Zero.

            /S.P DASH
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              madhu surige - oracle
              Hi Stick,

              Firstly thanks for the reply.... I will tell you exact issue:

              1. User has created a requisition before 31-Mar-2011 with Deliver-to-Location 'X' location through iProcurement
              2. Starting from 1-Apr-2011 X location was inactivated later
              3. While creating PO was throwing error due to Inactive Location (PO is in inactivate status for some PO' others are Approved)
              4. Due to urgency user created another PO
              5. Now User trying to cancel previous PR
              6. So it was throwing error 'Select invlaid line'

              This is the issue exactly... Please help how the user can cancel PR from iProcurement. PO or PR can by canelled from the PO module, however PO module access given to very high level authority.

              Hope you understand the issue.