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    Configuring JMS Bridges between COM and SOM


      We started working on OSM 7.0.2 and I have a question about the configuration of JMS Bridges between COM and SOM.

      When COM and SOM Cartridges are installed in the same OSM instance on non-cluster env., it is mandatory to configure JMS Bridges between COM and SOM?
      If it is case, could you please detail the procedure to follow?
      In the document called "Application Integration Architecture Order-to-Activate Cartridge Guide Release 7.0.2 E18005-01" it is not obvious to understand. If you have a look in the table 2-1 page 2-15, I don't see all the mandatory field values to create a new destination bridges (for instance, what is the value of destination JNDI name?). Does anyone configure this part in the setting up OSM to the Order-to-Activate Solution?

      Best regards.