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    Difference between Party Merge and Supplier Merge in R12.1.3

      Party Merge Concurrent Request (Party Merge) concurrent program completed with error in R12.1.3

      Error: Merge failed in Payables (PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL ) with the following error message:
      This Party Merge cannot be initiated. There are Supplier Sites associated with the Party Site. Please pay all
      unpaid invoices and close all open purchase orders, and submit the Supplier Merge Process prior to initiating
      Party Merge. (PARTY_SITE_ID=3027)

      I created 2 new suppliers and assigned the valid address -these suppliers do not have transactions in the System.

      I am trying to merge these two Suppliers using N:> Supplier Data Librarian SuperUSer> Supplier Home > Data Quality > System Duplicate identification - create a batch and identified the duplicates -system returned those 2 suppliers.

      Now, created a merge request and submitted the batch for merge - System launched "Party Merge Concurrent Request (Party Merge)" concurrent program and it is completed with the error.

      FYI - I am able to merge these two suppliers using N:> Supplier Data Librarian SuperUSer> Supplier Merge > Entered FROM, TO Supplier and clicked MERGE button, system launched" Supplier Merge Program" and its completed successfully - it successfully merged the Supplier Sites

      Please let me know if I miss any setups