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    ERPi 11.1.2 - You are not Authorized to view this page


      I have successfully configured ERPi but when I look at the icon in the workspace is shown as {$ERPi}, when I open it I get an error saying , "You are not authorized to view this page" though I am using the admin user.

      I have tried the following without any luck:

      1. Logon to the Weblogic server
      2. Run the EPM Installer
      3. Select to install ERPi
      4. Run the EPM System Config Tool on the ERPI Server and choose to Deploy the ERPI Application Server
      5. When the Deployment is complete stop the ERPI service
      6. On the ERPI Server browse to: C:\Oracle\Middleware\User_Projects\Domains\EPMSystem\Servers\ERPIntegrator\Security
      and open the Boot.properties file in notepad
      7. Update the username and password values with the correct Weblogic administrator user name and password and save. They will automatically be re-encrypted during launching of ERPi.
      8 Restart the ERPI Service
      9. Launch Workspace and verify that ERPI is available.

      Has anyone seen this before?