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    Issue with BAM 11g Excel View Control


      I am faced with an issue.
      BAM Excel Report fails to load despite of the fact MS Excel 2007 is installed in the m/c. Results in browser crash and a number of varied exceptions.

      Steps I followed
      Yes, it is reproducible.
      1) Login to Oracle BAM console
      2) Go to Active Viewer
      3) Select an excel report

      2) ### Troubleshooting or References Used and Results ###
      There are not much troubleshooting documents openly available for this issue, although we had a look at the developers guide. Checked the browser settings. Every thing is fine. It was working until now except for the last few days.

      3) ### Environment ###

      Exception Messages
      1) Unable to create ActiveX item for excel. Check browser settings
      2) Failed to create object. Make sure the object is entered in system registry.
      3) XML document must have a top level element. Error 0xC00CE558 on line 0, position 0