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    Regd Comparison in Measure formulas.

      Hi ,

      I have a requirement for which we need to compare text values from two different Rowsource in the measure and if they match then load the Cost column from one of RS for the respective Text Value.
      I have cube where I have 3 dimensions XYZ. RS1 have all the keys for dimension. RS2 have only two keys YZ , one X I am giving Wild Card.

      I wanted to match column D (Name) from both RS1 and RS2 and get the corresponding Column E from RS2.

      Suggest me what formulae should I use.

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          I don't believe there's a way to do conditional loading. Way to make this work is to load the two quantities and then decide which one to use based on formula. For instance, you could do something like

          x = if(streq(lookupString(rs1,...), lookupString(rs2,...)), <use loaded value from rs1>, <use loaded value from rs2>)
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            What is the need to do all of these in IOP? You should do as much data manipulation as possible outside IOP --- through ETL tools or your own ETL and load the data into IOP. If for some reason, your selection is based on "calculated" value and the calculation happens in "IOP", then we have to worry about what you are saying. But thats rarely the case.