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    Drill through issue on Custom 1 / Custom 2

      Good morning,

      I've configured drill functionality on FDM (I think correctly) but I've noticed that I'm able to see audit on intersection like:

      *Actual 2011 March YTD entityxyz ... [ICP None] [None] [None] [None] [None]*
      but not on
      Actual 2011 March YTD entityxyz ... [ICP None] [None] CO [None] [None] for example.

      I'm able to see correct amount value and drill menù option is displayed in both case, but processing the second workspace throws an exception

      "Error: ~{No locations were found matching the passed intersection values. Please verify:
      1) that the target system (originating the drillback) is properly configured;
      2) that FDM POVs have not been retroactively modified or compromised.

      How can I solve?

      Thank you

      p.s. HFM intersections display correct values