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    Unable to Receive IO, because Lot is not found

      Hi All:

      I have a issue with one Internal Order.
      I tried to receive an Internal Order, but when I enter the LOT number, I got a msg : Not Result is Found
      But the Lot number exist for this item, even I use Ctrl+L and not Lot number is there.

      Receipt (PED)
      Ship Num >62199752
      Src Org :ORG1
      From LPN >30185033
      Item >BE550G
      Desc :APC Back-U
      LPN >23799335
      To Sub >PASTG2
      To Loc ]P30
      UOM >EA(1 EA)
      Qty :1
      Lot >4B1108P
      Lot Qty :

      No result is found

      Would you please help me on this ?