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    Where to get Oracle Multimedia Example Application code?

      Hi, All,

      I am new to the Oracle Multimedia, I am trying to get some sample code of JSP work with Oracle Multimedia. According 11R2 document at (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11882_01/appdev.112/e10777/ap_demos.htm#BABBEGIJ), I should find the example aaplication code at:

      Oracle Multimedia Java Servlet Photo Album

      Windows: <ORACLE_HOME>\ord\http\demo\servlet

      However, there is no ord\http directory under that ord directory. All I have under ord directory are:
      admin, Annotator, im, jlib, mesg and xml directories.

      I also did a search for any jsp under ord directory and got nothing.

      So, what I missed? The Oracle I have installed is the 11R2 standard edition with starter database. I also tried to install a 11R1 enterprise edition, software only and don't see the sample code as well.

      So, where I can get these sample code? Please help.

      Thanks in advance for any advice,