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    Is it safe to increase LUN size of ASM disk online 11gR2 ?

    Duncan Gardner
      I have an Oracle 11gr2 ASM in a RAC, using an EMC SAN. I have one Disk Group (DATA), with one disk (DISK1), configured with external redundancy [Flash Recovery Area is non-ASM]. Red Hat Linux.

      My storage is a 450GB LUN, and I want to grow it by 150GB. I should not add a 150GB LUN as a new disk, as the disks would be uneven. And I don't want to create a new disk group, as that's more admin.

      So I want to increase my LUN from 450GB to 600GB, which can be done online by the UNIX admin. Then I can resize the disk in ASM and all should be OK. This is a production system.

      Has anyone actually done this ? Does it work ? I have seen posts worried about changes to partition tables.