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    getting error while attach cache grid: 3344: Error creating grid threads:

      I am working on setup IMDB cache group grid infrastructure environment.

      and will have two grip node to connect to oracle database, and there will be one stand long times ten database locating separated on these two node.

      now one grid node works fine, it can create cache group and cache tables from oracle database

      while I want attach another node to current grid, I got below errors, can you please give some advise. I tried google, no valuable info appeared.

      Command> call ttGridAttach(1,'cachealone2','',5002);
      3344: Error creating grid threads: cacheGridAPI.c (608): Member MYGRID_cachealone2_2 got error TT3401: P2P error: Failed to bind to socket, errNo=99
      The command failed.

      call ttGridNameSet('myGrid');--- successfully
      call ttCacheStart;---successfully

      TimesTen Release (64 bit Linux/x86_64) (tt1121:53388) 2011-02-02T02:20:46Z
      Instance admin: tt
      Instance home directory: /ora/TimesTen/tt1121
      Group owner: ttadmin
      Daemon home directory: /ora/TimesTen/tt1121/info
      PL/SQL enabled.

      Oracle database: 11.2.1