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      • 15. Re: performance tuning
        Dom Brooks
        See Carl's comments above.

        The trace just backed up what he had already mentioned.

        Just to add:

        1. In the trace, there are several clues that this is recursive sql, not least of which "recursive_depth=1".

        2. Don't think there is a correlation between statement and function as such. Although if you used DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO to set module information in such functions, then you could see it in the APPNAME lines in the raw trace.

        3. x here is just an inline view, could also have used subquery factoring - the WITH clause. Expensive operations such as function calls, analytics etc, should be done on as small a dataset as possible - sometimes it might early in the query, sometimes it might be late, it depends. Here, because of the DISTINCT (see again what Carl says about this), it makes sense late.
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